November 16, 2007

Omori Sogen

Omori Sogen Roshi

Here is a brief but fascinating biography of Omori Sogen Roshi, who transmitted to the West the line of Rinzai Zen to which we belong: Institute of Zen Studies site.


Anonymous said...

Hosokawa Dogen Roshi's book on Omori Sogen Roshi is a really great read. If you are able to find a copy of it, pick it up. I believe it is titled Omori Sogen: The Art of a Zen Master. Maybe someone here can recommend a place to find that book.

In my own reflection of what I have been able to glean about Omori Sogen Roshi, is that he was a larger than life person in all aspects of his life. Not over the top or verbose, but someone whose name brings about a sense of energy from those who are faimiliar with who he was. In my mind's eye, I ctend to believe that he would be someone who was not only formidable as a speaker and motivator, but also as a teacher and friend.

I know that my teachers tell stories of him in almost a mythic kind of way. I can only imagine what he was like. I hope that they would be kind enough to share them so that other people can learn about him as well.

Anonymous said...

A place to find said book, which was wonderful.