December 14, 2007

Land Search Committee Meeting 12/15

The Land Search Committee will have a brief meeting at Daiyuzenji (3717 N. Ravenswood #113, Chicago) on Sat., 12/15 at 7pm.

Visions of the Future

The Future Korinji Temple

Style: American Prairie School

Design and Drawings by Mark Keane (Professor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning,University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee; Director of the UWM Frank Lloyd Wright Initiative)and Linda Keane (Professor, School of the Art Institue of Chicago)

1. Sanmon (gate)
2. Shoro (bell cote)
3. Shikaryo (office, library and visitor's reception center)
4. Hojo (classrooms, lecture/ceremony hall, guest rooms, abbot's quarters)
5. Covered walkway connecting all three buildings
6. Sodo (meditation hall/monk's residence, including kitchen, dining, bath and sanitary facilities)
7. Vegetable gardens
8. Ornamental gardens, including nature trails, water feature, tea house, outdoor lecture area.

After a number of meetings and a lot of back-and-forth, the Keanes have completed their design and drawings of the future Korinji temple. What does an American Prairie School Zen temple look like? For more views please go to the Korinji site here.