January 12, 2008

Online Sutras

Here is an excellent site providing links to various translations of all the major Mahayana sutras. Of particular interest to Zen students: the Heart, Lankavatara, Avatamsaka, Surangama, Vimilakirti, Diamond and Lotus sutras.


Anonymous said...

I was curious to know if there is a relation between the practice of Okyo and Shigin?

Meido said...

Hi Jin,
I have no experience with shigin, so I can only talk about okyo. But any practice that involves resonating the body through the chanting of sounds could have similarities to our okyo training. Like shigin, in okyo we use the breath in a particular way (power emanating from the hara). Our stress is that the vibration must go done into the body cavities and the ground. Our chanting is not done with regard for aesthetic effect (although if done well there will be a "warm" attractive quality to it); also, the condition of mind is essential to us along with the usage of the body. The meaning of our chants is not important at all during the actual chanting, and some of our chants (dharani) actually have no translation that is important, but are preserved for their pattern of sounds and the resonance they set up when chanted. If you keep these things in mind, and then if you have the chance to hear or try shigin, you might be able to understand the differences and similarities directly. I apologize for not knowing more, but I hope this is helpful...

Gassho, Meido