April 24, 2008

Korinji Land Search Announcement, and Urgent Appeal

The Korinji Foundation has made the following announcement, and is appealing for donations. Please consider helping!

Dear Korinji Friends,

We're excited to announce that our dream of founding a new Rinzai Zen monastic training center in North America’s heartland – Korinji – is closer to coming true. In recent months our land search committee has reviewed piles of real estate listings, and visited a dozen properties that appeared promising. It’s been exhausting, but very exciting! Now, we’ve identified several "final candidate" properties in the beautiful wooded hills of southwest Wisconsin…including one on which we've begun negotiation.

Think of it: we've had the incredible good fortune to receive the precious Zen teachings, passed down through centuries by a long line of Indian, Chinese and Japanese masters. But if this treasure is to survive, we must help it take root in our own soil. If all goes well, we may be only weeks away from having a home for our dream.

Will you join us in this crucial work?

Why is a residential practice center so important? A Zen temple is not a cloistered hermitage cut off from the world. It’s a vibrant place of training and community, conducive to deep meditation practice. The people who train at Korinji will take their experience back out into the world, to improve their lives and relationships, perhaps eventually to found other Zen centers and create new aways of expressing Zen wisdom that we haven’t even dreamed of.

The premise of Zen Buddhism is simple: there is a fundamental human wholeness and sanity which lies at the very root of what we are. It can be recognized and realized. It can be manifested and embodied through practice. Its authentic expression is compassion and tolerance. Our society will benefit from this stream of wisdom we’ve now inherited…provided we can keep it alive and help it grow. This will be the gift of Zen to our future.

Currently there are major Rinzai Zen residential training centers on the West and East coasts of North America – but not in the Midwest. This is the “shining forest” (Ko-rin) we intend to plant here in the heartland with Korinji.

We urgently need your help today.

Though we’ve successfully raised enough funds for a down payment to purchase our property, obtaining a mortgage has become more challenging these days for everyone. It’s crucial that we not only show periodic large donations and successful fund raising events, but also regular donations from a community of supporters

This is where you can help. Will you consider signing up for a tax-deductible, automated monthly donation to Korinji?

Any donation is appreciated and useful: 10 people donating 100.00 a month can nearly pay a mortgage. 20 people donating 50.00 a month will do the same. Even a monthly donation of 15.00 (the price of three or four beverages from the local coffee chain) can help pay to feed resident monks at the future Korinji, to sponsor university student retreats as part of Korinji’s Collegiate Zen Initiative, to plant trees or a vegetable garden…in short, to ensure that Korinji is founded and continues onward through the years as a viable center.

We need help now. We are committed to purchasing land this year - before summertime.

If you’ve ever contemplated donating to Korinji or to promote the spread of the dharma, now is the time. Please consider signing up today. All donations are tax-deductible (we’re designated a 501c3 public charity by the IRS). Anything you can give will go directly to our new temple fund - and thus to our work of preserving and spreading Zen, for now and for the future.

You can instantly and securely donate to Korinji online using PayPal by going here. You’ll see options there to sign up for automated monthly donations, as well as information on many other ways to donate to Korinji.

Another way you can help us is by forwarding this message to anyone and everyone. Send it out to your list, and ask others to do so. The more people know about Korinji and our temple project, the greater our community strength. Talk us up, and help awareness of Korinji to snowball!

We believe that now, more than ever, the world needs the compassionate, tolerant perspective of the Zen teachings. Now, more than ever, Korinji needs your help to become something real. Please consider signing up for a donation today.

Thank you for caring about Zen, and for believing in Korinji. We look forward to hosting you at the future Korinji temple.

With gratitude,

Enmei Hunter
The Korinji Foundation

Please click here to see ways you can contribute to the founding of Korinji

April 1, 2008

Korinji Land Search - April 5

The land search committee will be traveling on Saturday, 4/5 to view properties of interest in the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin. More information shortly!