August 4, 2008

Land Ho!

The following announcement has just been released by the Korinji Foundation board of directors:

Dear Friends of Korinji,

This past weekend, the annual "Fall-a-thon" fundraising event conducted by Shinjinkai was a resounding success: total funds raised through pledges and day-of-event donations amounted to $14,791.05! Our deepest gratitude goes out to the Fall-a-thon participants and volunteers, who once again stunned us with their intense effort and inspiring performances.

It was an exciting day for another reason, however. I was pleased to announce publicly for the first time at the Fall-a-thon the important news we'd now like to share with all of you: the Korinji Foundation has contracted to purchase land.

After several years of searching, we've found the future site of Korinji. We are no longer raising funds for a vision or and idea, but for an actual place where our new Zen monastery will be founded: 17 acres of rolling hilltop and ravines, covered with mature hardwood forest. Our land is located in Wisconsin, a short distance north of Madison. A link below will take you to some photos of the site.

Because of the successful fundraising we've done so far - that is to say, because of the generous donations of supporters like you - we expect to purchase this property outright, leaving us unencumbered with a mortgage and ready to move forward into the first stages of developing Korinji.

After so much work, our vision is finally becoming real.

Of course, the work is only starting. We'll continue to raise funds, and if anything our need will be more pressing...the land purchase will more or less exhaust our resources, and we'll need to hit the ground running with new appeals for support. But now, supporters will have the satisfaction of knowing that their donations are taking form into something concrete. Because of donations, concrete things will now happen: surveys will be completed; a well will be drilled; foundations will be laid; stone steps will be set into a hillside; eventually, Korinji will take shape.

We don't have the words to express our elation, and our deepest gratitude. To all of you, on behalf of the Korinji board, thank you.

More updates are coming soon. For now, please take a look at some photos here

And finally, if this exciting news moves you to consider supporting the Foundation and our work to establish a new Zen monastery in the heartland, please do so. Now is a crucial time. There are many ways you can support Korinji; please go to our website to learn more. I also welcome your questions and correspondence regarding our project.

Sincere best wishes,
Meido Moore