January 12, 2009

A small hut...

If your hermitage is deep in the mountains
surely the moon, flowers, and maple trees
will become your friends.

Men of the world passing this way are few,
Dense grass conceals the door.
All night in silence, a few woodchips burn slowly,
As I read the poems of the ancients.
- Ryokan (1758-1831)

The Korinji Foundation will be having it's beginning-of-year community/board of director's meeting on Sunday, January 25th, 11am at Daiyuzenji temple in Chicago. Items of business to discuss include the construction of the first building on our land in Wisconsin: a small (three-tatami floor space, about 54 square feet) meditation hut.

Initially, this hut will be used for solitary practice as well as storage. Thinking forward to a time when more substantial structures exist, the hut will continue to be useful as an individual retreat space or a structure for dokusan (private meetings between Zen master and student).

We're currently exploring design and construction options, and are very interested in straw-bale construction. Our shiny new wood stove has arrived (above)!

Other items of business for the meeting include fund-raising strategies for 2009; all are welcome.