May 7, 2009

Weekend excitement

Looks like a merry crew for this weekend's work crew: 26 at last count! The response to our work invitation was much greater than anticipated.

With that many bodies, we'll not only clear our building site but also get to work on other projects. I'm looking forward to gathering some good stone from the rocky southern ravine. With any luck, we'll find enough to outline our parking area, and perhaps even get a stone bench constructed along one of our trails.

In Chicago over the last week leaves have appeared on the cottonwoods and maples lining the streets; grass and dandelions are suddenly everywhere. The season should be a bit less far along up at Korinji, but we hope to have some good, green spring photos to share next week when we post our report on the weekend.

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Chieftain said...

Nice blog. Wish I could have been at the work weekend, but too far away unfortunately.