June 30, 2009

Breaking News (About Breaking Ground)

We've been granted our building permit! More shortly on a groundbreaking date. We'll be needing a large work crew then to help us drill holes, mix concrete, and pour our concrete pilings...

This past weekend a few of us spent a day clearing out some of the lush summer growth that had started to encroach on trails. The building site remains relatively clear, though we did add some more visible metal stakes. At the entrance to the parking area, a standing dead tree we'd predicted would probably fall, did. With some hard work we were able to move it from blocking the drive. It's good dry hardwood; we may take some portions of it to use for lining trails.

The land itself is now deep in shadow and very quiet, under its canopy of maple and oak leaves. Even the coyotes and owls which had been so vocal recently seem to have moved away down the valley. In the evening we were entranced by the silent, electric-blue strobing of thousands of fireflies in the hollows.