July 3, 2009


The following announcement has been made by the Korinji Foundation:

Dear Korinji Friends,

At long last, I'm grateful to be able to invite you all to participate in the groundbreaking of Korinji, our new Zen monastery.

Saturday and Sunday, July 18-19, will be one of our "Monastery Work Weekends". This time (following a brief groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday morning) we'll actually be pouring the foundations of Korinji's zendo, or training hall. We've got the machines and materials prepared...now we just need your hands and sweat.

Similar to our last work weekend when we completed the clearing of our first structure's building site, we'll be camping out together on the Korinji land, and will spend Saturday evening around the campfire. Also similar to last time is our need for a large crew. We need many hands this time to gravel the parking area, to haul water, to mix concrete, and to help us get the foundation in the ground. Once this is done, we can relax just a little bit: future construction of the building can be done with smaller crews. So, if you've considered helping Korinji with this project, now is a very good time to come up and pitch in.

We really need you...it's crucial that we have enough folks helping to excavate and pour in one weekend. Please join us, and take part in the historic beginning of this new training center!

I plan to be on the land Friday. As before, if some of you wish to come up early, you are very welcome to join me. Your family and friends are also welcome to join us.

PLEASE RSVP by emailing Korinji: info@korinji.org. I'll have details coming shortly as our work crew list is finalized.

We're finally there. Please accept my thanks, again, for all the support and work you've contributed to bring us to this point. We'll continue our fundraising and other work to complete and develop Korinji, of course (more news on upcoming fundraisers shortly), but for now we've earned a pat on the back.

I'm looking forward to working together with you all on July 18-19 as we begin to see an actual building grow...


Meido Moore
The Korinji Foundation

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