August 19, 2009

Bring a hammer...

Our zendo construction plan and timeline have been set. If all goes according to schedule, we'll have the main structure up by mid-October. Now, we just need you.

So far we've been amazed at the number of supporters who have turned out for our past monastery work weekends, during which we cleared the building site and and poured the foundation. As many as 40 volunteers have been present at a time. Can we expect more of the same? Now that we've gotten to the point of actually seeing a structure rise from the ground, we hope that we can...

It's crunch time at Korinji, in other words. Here are the monastery work weekend dates for September, with some descriptions of what we hope to accomplish each time:

Saturday, Sept. 5th (one day only): finish the foundation and install plates on our pilings.

Saturday and Sunday Sept. 12-13: place the support posts on the pilings, and begin the main deck.

Saturday and Sunday Sept. 19-20: finish the main deck, and begin the walls and ceiling structures

Saturday and Sunday Sept. 26-27: continue with walls and a-frames, working toward beginning of roof construction

For Sept. 5th, we need 3-5 volunteers. For the rest of the September weekends, we need a minimum of 10 volunteers each trip. More volunteers are better, of course, and will insure that our work is completed before cold weather comes in the fall.

Come one, come all. No pair of hands will be turned away. All of you will be directly contributing to the actual construction process. One bonus for those of you who have enjoyed camping out on Korinji's beautiful 17 acres: once we have the deck up, we can camp on more searching for a flat spot to pitch a tent!

To volunteer for any or all of our September work crews, please email Korinji:

As always, thank you all.

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