August 17, 2009

Work Needs

This week, Korinji board members will meet with our construction managers to finalize weekend work dates through the end of the year. To get the main structure of our first building up and enclosed before the weather turns, we estimate a minimum of five solid weekends. We look forward to announcing those to you shortly.

We'll be needing many hands as usual, both skilled and unskilled: during the recent foundation pouring, the crucial work was done not only by those excavating the site and mixing the concrete, but also by the gangs that carried hundreds of bags of concrete down to the construction site, and hundreds of buckets of water from the stream. Without their labor, nothing would have been possible. Had a lesser number of volunteers come, we might not have finished our work that day.

Now that we have a few folks bringing four-wheel drive vehicles capable of navigating our construction road, that kind of old-fashioned transport of materials won't be as necessary. But still, don't think that your help is not needed - and indispensable - because you don't have actual construction experience.

The board is also calling for needed tools. If you have any of the following items and care to donate (or loan) them, please let us know! Donations of items are tax-deductible, of course:

1 Generator
1 Extension cords, 12-gauge
Ladders: 2 A-frame and 1 extension (28'+)
2 Wheelbarrows
Drills and drill bits/driver bits
Sawzall and blades
Circular saws and blades
Miter saw and blades
Hand saws
Levels: 1 x 96", 4 x 48", 4 x 9" torpedo levels
4 Framing squares, large and small
1 Plumb bob
6 Tape measures
Screwdrivers, set
10 Hammers
Box cutters/utility knives and blades
Axes, mauls
Pruning saws, polesaws

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