November 4, 2009

Winter break

In a final flurry of work last week at Korinji, a few die-hard work crew members finished up our floor joists and bracing, as well as the x-bracing that ties together our 36-odd 6x6 posts. Though rain and a few flakes of snow served to remind us of season's end, we finished our final day with glorious fall sunshine. It helped to dry out the blisters on our hands.

Since it makes no sense to put flooring on our deck structure that will only hold snow, we're now done for the winter. The generator and tools are in storage, the site is battened down, and the treated timbers of our building are drying out, settling and knitting themselves together. Ahead are a few months of planning and fundraising to position us well for a spring start. Our next weekend of work will see the first walls framed.

But for now we're all ready for a much-needed rest. We'll have a full progress summary shortly. We learned a lot over this past year, and while we didn't get as far as we originally thought we could, we did pretty well for an all-volunteer crew. Within 18 months we've gone from an unmanifested dream to the purchase and clearing of land that now has a building beginning to take shape.

A few more images, and a final video for the year, are on the Korinji site's images page.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible progress, congratulations!