December 14, 2009

Rugs and throws

Two fundraising initiatives are currently gearing up to ensure that Korinji starts off a new year of construction with the resources it needs:

First: Jessica Cobb, a local Chicago artist, has completed the first of the felted wool rugs she's weaving to benefit Korinji (see this post). Woven entirely from upcycled sweaters donated for this purpose, the rugs are thick, colorful and beautiful. Faolan, our ubiquitous lab/border collie mascot, prefers it by far to all other soft surfaces on which he is not permitted to sleep.

The rug will be raffled. Tickets are now available for $10.00, and the drawing will take place on Feb. 27th. You can view the rug at Daiyuzenji temple in Chicago. Please contact Korinji to purchase a ticket. Take a look at Jessica's site also:

Second: Huron Valley Aikikai, a community of martial art and Zen practitioners in Ann Arbor, Michigan led by friend, dharma brother and Korinji work crew volunteer Rodger Park Sensei, is hosting an Aikido, Zen and Misogi training event on January 23-24. Instruction will be led by myself and by Robert Savoca Sensei from Brooklyn Aikikai, with proceeds going to support both Korinji and Brooklyn Aikikai. For more information, please go to Huron Valley's site here. You can learn more about Brooklyn Aikikai and Savoca Sensei here.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to Jessica Cobb for this opportunity, I will be in touch!