January 30, 2010

Opening the mirror

2010 will be a year in which tremendous energy and sweat will be expended on behalf of Korinji. January 23-24 marked a properly energetic start to such a year with the Kagami Biraki event hosted by the Aikido practitioners of Huron Valley Aikikai in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Rodger Tozan Park Sensei, Huron Valley's chief instructor and a brother in the Dharma, organized the event to benefit both the Korinji Foundation and Brooklyn Aikikai. Ryugan Robert Savoca, founder of Brooklyn Aikikai and also a Dharma brother, traveled from New York to take part. I was honored to help instruct the Aikido portion of this training weekend and to lead zazen; Park Sensei and Savoca Sensei also instructed Aikido, and Ryugan led us in the misogi training he practices as an affiliate of the famous Ichikukai Dojo in Tokyo.

Kagami Biraki is a traditional New Year's ceremony, which literally translates as "opening the mirror". Shinto shrines typically contain mirrors, and the ceremony of opening the shrines and exposing the mirrors within is considered a greatly auspicious event. Huron Valley Aikikai's opening to 2010 was certainly auspicious for everyone who attended. I'm pleased also to report that Park Sensei was able to make a generous donation to the Korinji Foundation as a result.

As always, our gratitude to our Aikido friends who so often sacrifice their energy on behalf of Korinji.

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