March 5, 2010

First 2010 Korinji Construction Weekend!

The Korinji Foundation Board of Directors has announced the following preliminary schedule for construction at Korinji this year. These are the primary work weekends for which we hope to have strong volunteer support. There will be additional weekends, however, during which we'll also welcome help...these will be announced as the building season progresses. Please note that some of these weekends may be subject to change.

3/20-21: Setup weekend
4/14-16: Work Weekend
4/23-25: Work Weekend
5/14-16: Work Weekend
5/28-31: Work Weekend
6/18-20: Work Weekend
7/10-11: Work Weekend
8/21-22: Work Weekend
9/10-12: Work Weekend
10/15-17: Work Weekend
10/26-31: Year End Work Week and wrap-up

Within the first couple of weekends, we'll see our walls start to take shape on the substructure we completed last fall. We look forward to seeing you at Korinji during this exciting time!

RIGHT NOW, we are calling for volunteers for the first weekend, March 20-21. There will not be major construction going on that weekend, but we'll need willing hands to help us with site prep, getting tools out of storage and back on-site, the clearing of winter debris from trails, etc.

To volunteer for this or any other weekend, in whole or part, please email us:

Carpooling will again be conducted from Daiyuzenji temple in Chicago on the morning of the 20th, and additional drivers are helpful if you have a car. If the weather is too cold for our usual camping arrangements on the land, we do still have an extremely reasonable rate at a local hotel. More details will be sent out to our volunteers shortly.

Thank you as always, and see you on the 20th!

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