March 29, 2010

Bread for Korinji

Rich Bryant, a Chicago Aikido student, has started a new fundraiser baking and selling bread for Korinji. Here's his report...

I recently started baking loaves of bread when I became disappointed with what I was getting from the store and it's rising cost. I got tired of spending so much money on something I knew I could do better. There was also the satisfaction that what I was eating was a more organic food because I knew what I was putting into it. Soon I began to look into a various recipes and recipe books and the seed for my idea was born. After a few unexpected results and a lot of course corrections, I finally started to see and taste the results of my efforts.

That's why I'm here. I'm hoping to be able to share those results with you. On Facebook, I set up a small group page called "AI KI Dough". On this page, I've posted pictures of some of the breads I've made recently and how to contact me in case you might want to order some (hint, hint). I am donating a portion of the money from each sale to the Korinji Foundation Monastery Project and investing the other portion into buying yeast, flour and spices. I am hoping to have this fundraiser throughout the year. This Facebook website will be where I put photos and various updates of what's available and the progress we've made in raising funds.

To keep it simple, I am currently offering only three bread types at the moment, a sesame, a white and an Italian spiced. I have shipped some bread out of Chicago but shipping costs can be expensive. I'm hoping to find a way to set-up a paypal account to ease the process. I will offer special limited time only breads throughout the year as well. Even more reason to keep checking in. The first is a cinnamon raisin bread.

Please contact me via Facebook and I'll respond to you as quick as I can. If you don't have a facebook account, you can e-mail at Please put in the subject line Korinji Dough. That way I don't accidentally delete it. Also, there is usually a week between when you order and when your bread is delivered. So if you send your order in on a Tuesday, and your local, you can get your bread by the following Tuesday unless other arrangements have been made.

Thank you for your continued support to a very worthy cause.

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