May 4, 2010

On deck at Korinji

The decision to cancel our last work weekend due to severe thunderstorms was made up for by the glorious weather we had at Korinji this past weekend. Bright sun, clear skies and flowering apple and hawthorn trees were the setting for two long, hard days of construction.

There were some dicey moments. We actually had rain and thunderstorms, again, on the Friday before. A few of us worked in a drenching downpour that afternoon to unload wood; our friend from the local lumber yard went above and beyond the call to help us get all our materials as close to the building site as possible. He paid for his kindness, however: the sudden storm turned our construction drive to greasy mud within minutes, trapping his truck. Another truck was sent to pull him out, which immediately became stuck as well. The third truck was the charm.

By the time the general crew arrived Saturday morning, though, all was well. That evening saw the completion of the deck. After sunset I pitched my tent there, determined to finally sleep in - or at least on - our new building. Come Sunday we got back to work early, and the end of the day saw the two long walls framed. In the meantime a trail-building crew had also gathered hundreds of stones from across the property, which they moved into place along the edges of our woodland paths and at the base of the hill, where the largest may form stone steps below a future gate.

Thanks as always to all our dedicated crew members. May is a busy month, with two more work weekends to go: the 15th and 16th, and then the long Memorial Day weekend (29th-31st). It's also now beautiful camping weather at Korinji; we hope to see you on-site, and around the camp fire in the evenings.

We've added a video clip to the Korinji website (and to YouTube) showing this past weekend's progress, here. It shows something of a time lapse: I shot about 7 seconds of footage every hour or two. We'll stick to this format throughout the year, so that by fall we can edit together a longer video showing the entire season's progress.

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