May 24, 2010

A roof over our heads

The Korinji Foundation has issued the following appeal:

Dear Korinji Friends,

We've come a long way at Korinji. It was only in 2005 that the Foundation began, and two years ago that we purchased our land near Madison, Wisconsin. Now this year will see the completion of the first structure there.

All of this has been accomplished entirely with donations, and our land development and construction have been done entirely by volunteers. Truly, the power of our united community to accomplish the Korinji vision is awe-inspiring!

But we're far from the finish line. In order to create a place where sustained residential dharma practice can take place, we have a lot of work to do...and resources to gather. Right now is an especially crucial time: before the end of August, we must have the resources to complete our roof! If we fail to do this, then all our construction work could be exposed to the elements, potentially causing great damage.

We need you to accomplish this. Please consider supporting Korinji in whatever way you can. There are two ways to help right now that would benefit Korinji tremendously:

1. Sign up for a monthly donation: on the Korinji website, you can sign up to make an automated monthly donation of as little as $15.00 a month. Even $15.00 helps us tremendously, and will go immediately toward the purchase of building materials for our construction (of course a larger donation helps more!) If you prefer, you may also opt to make a secure one-time, instant donation of any amount that you wish. All of these options may be found here.

(Remember, donations made to Korinji are tax-deductible. If you usually donate a certain amount to charity each year for tax-purposes, why not do it now? You'll receive a receipt for tax purposes documenting your contribution.)

2. Support the Fall-a-thon: the Fall-a-thon is an annual fundraiser conducted by our friends at Shinjinkai, the Japanese Martial Arts Society. Students of the martial art Aikido get together once a year to throw each other, using Aikido techniques, as many times as they can in 15 minutes. Much like a walk-a-thon, they obtain pledges from family and friends for this. In the past, their amazing effort has raised up to $15,000.00 within two hours!

We need them to be just as successful this year, and for that to happen our fallers need sponsors. If you'd like to be a sponsor, please contact us: We'll match you up with a faller needing sponsors, and you can let us know if you prefer to pledge a certain amount per fall, or to give a flat donation. And please come to the Fall-a-thon on June 26th in Chicago! It's an exciting event to watch, and you'll get to see the remarkable effort and spirit of these martial artists first hand.

For more information on the Fall-a-thon, please see this site.

Thank you again for supporting Korinji in the past. Please also accept our invitation to visit us there during one of our "monastery work weekends": as we continue our work throughout this summer and autumn, we'd be pleased to show you our progress and give you a tour of the land. Progress is happening fast there, and it's a thrilling time to be involved in this project.

We look forward to seeing you at Korinji soon, and long into the future.

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