July 7, 2010

Falling down to raise a roof

The annual Fall-a-thon fundraiser for Korinji, conducted on June 26 by Shinjinkai, the Japanese Martial Arts Society, was once again successful beyond our wildest expectations: pledges now total just under $12,000.00! The intense energy demonstrated by these Aikido students has of course helped to physically build Korinji from the ground up (who can forget their work on groundbreaking day, carrying hundreds of bags of concrete deep into the woods). But this Fall-a-thon reminds us again that their work and dedication have largely funded Korinji's very existence. This seems only fitting, given that our Zen lineage emphasizes the importance of physically intense training, and historically has used martial arts for that purpose.

Because of this success we're now in position to raise our roof. The complexity of that task, however, means that we're going to turn the work over- for the first time - to hired professionals. A crew of carpenters led by Jim Mills (a builder of several dojos in the past under our late teacher Toyoda Sensei) will spend a week in July framing the roof that is so desperately needed to enclose and protect our structure.

This coming weekend, July 10-11, is our next work weekend at Korinji, when we set the stage by receiving delivery of the lumber needed for the roof. Our job is to get it all down to the site and ready for the professionals. As always, we need volunteers, so please contact Korinji if you'd like to help out!

If all goes well, this weekend will be the last that a few of us camp on the floor and look up to see stars. Our next video and photos from Korinji will be of an enclosed structure...

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