January 6, 2011

First snow, and the Chicago Zen Community

We're in those few precious winter months now when our primary activity is planning rather than building. I visited Korinji a few weeks ago just after a heavy snowfall: in contrast to the frenetic scenes of the summer and autumn, the land there was silent and frozen under two feet of white. Tracks of deer, coyotes and various smaller creatures were everywhere in evidence, while our own muddy construction trails were neatly covered.

In addition I was pleased to see that our new roof has passed its first test well, holding the snow for more than a week; no movement or leaks were seen, validating our choices of both designers and builders.

The first 2011 events have been added to the Korinji site's events calendar, with more soon on the way including the first extended training events at Korinji itself. We're happy also to announce a new website specifically for the Korinji-associated Zen practice groups in the Chicago area: The Chicago Zen Community.

For now, Happy New Year from all of us. We'll be back shortly with more news, and with the schedule of 2011 work weekends at Korinji.

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