February 18, 2011

Winter quiet

Stillness and winter fog still cover Korinji, with snow clinging to north-facing slopes despite the warmer weather this week (it's common for patches of snow to remain well into spring). Winter is certainly not done with us by a long shot. But the days are slowly lengthening, and construction season is coming!

We've adjusted and tweaked our schedule of monastery work weekends for 2011, and here they are:

April 2-3: Opening weekend
May 7-8
May 27-30
June 18-19
July 2-3
August 20-21
Sept. 17-19
October 15-16
October 17-22: End-of-year wrapup, training and party at Korinji.
November 12-13 (as needed)

As usual the schedule is subject to change: please go here to join the Korinji mailing list and receive invitations and updates. In particular, we're working on a plan that may well allow us to finish this first building in one fell swoop in the first half of the year. That would, of course, lead to a radical re-scheduling of these dates which we'd be very pleased to announce.

Our first fund-raising event of the year is in fact approaching: an April 17th seminar at Shinjinkai in Chicago instructing internal (energetic) training used in Zen which is among the training methods to be practiced at Korinji in the future. For more information on this curriculum, check out Shinjinkai's Internal Training page.