March 10, 2011

Seminar: Energy and Healing Practices of Zen

Shinjinkai in Chicago is hosting a seminar on Saturday and Sunday, April 16-17 entitled The Energy and Healing Practices of Zen. Participants will learn internal training practices handed down within the Rinzai Zen lineage for cultivating ki (internal energy) in the body.

Some of these methods come from from the 18th century master Hakuin, and have been valued for their ability to improve health, increase longevity and deepen meditative attainment. Also taught will be self-massage, breathing and movement exercises for circulating energy and removing blockages to its flow. A more detailed description of these practices may be seen on the Shinjinkai site here.

The seminar will explore in depth the history and theory behind these various methods, as well as transmit the details of their practice. This April seminar will cover foundation practices and get through as much material as possible. A second seminar on September 3-4 will review the fundamentals and then complete the main block of instruction. A study manual will be distributed to participants in both seminars.

Donations for this seminar benefit the construction of Korinji monastery.

Please RSVP to, or by phone as shown on the flyer.

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