March 7, 2011

Spring Sesshin: March 24-27

The 2011 Spring sesshin, jointly sponsored by Daiyuzenji and the Korinji Foundation, will be held starting on the evening of Thursday, March 24 and ending in the early morning of Sunday, March 27.

Sesshin is an intensive Zen retreat, and one of the most important training methods used in Zen practice. Beginning very early each morning and lasting until late in the evening, sesshin includes meditation, chanting practice, art practice and other activities.

The intention of sesshin is to completely focus and unify mind and body; the schedule facilitates concentration, and forces participants to face themselves clearly without distortion or distraction. Sesshin is a unique opportunity to see who and what you really are...and to emerge with new insight and the strength to change old patterns of thinking, doing and being.

We encourage everyone who is ready to take advantage of this precious practice opportunity. For more information about attending sesshin, eligibility, what to bring, suggested donation info, directions, etc. please visit Daiyuzenji's sesshin information page.

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