March 29, 2011

Spring sesshin report

Spring sesshin, co-sponsored by Daiyuzenji and Korinji, was completed this past Sunday. It turned out to be a solid, strong training period with twenty-one participants. The beginning students in particular displayed tremendous effort.

The weather was cold at the camp we rent in Lake Delavan, Wisconsin; outside the building which served as our zendo the lake itself was still caked with ice upon which flocks of gulls huddled for warmth. There was even snowfall on Saturday. Though little of it stuck, it combined with a bitter cold wind coming off the lake to give us a truly wintry, rather than spring-like, feeling. The uphill hike from the zendo to the dining hall or sanzen room was often rather invigorating.

Tesshin Brand served as jikijitsu, and James Traywick performed the role of shika. Soen McCarthy Roshi served as tenzo (and the shojin riori meals were truly excellent as always). Teisho were given by So'zan Miller Roshi and Meido Moore Roshi. Sergey Petrov and Dionne Milton were our handaikan, with Nikolai Miczek and Alex Shakar serving as inji.

Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported this sesshin!

SAVE THE DATES for Daiyuzenji's and Korinji's summer sesshin. It will be held in Burlington, WI, on August 2-7 (~7pm Tuesday evening through ~8am Sunday morning). And if you'd like to join our European friends for practice, we'll again be conducting sesshin this year in Laufen, Germany: August 25-28. For more information on these events, email Korinji (

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