March 14, 2011

Japan relief: memorial ceremony and benefit

We're relieved to report that, as far as we've been able to ascertain, our numerous friends in Japan are safe and personally uninjured by the disastrous earthquake and tsunami.

Especially because of our many connections to people and places in Japan, we're certain that Korinji community members share our desire to make some contribution to ease suffering there. For that reason we'll come together this Sunday, March 20, for a short meditation, memorial service and benefit event in Chicago. There will be a donation box there, and any funds received will be passed on to an appropriate relief organization.


3717 N. Ravenswood #113
Chicago, IL 60613


11:30am - 12:45pm: Zazen (Zen meditation). Non-meditators are welcome to come in and sit silently with us, on cushions or chairs, during this time.
1:00pm: Zen Buddhist memorial ceremony, for the many disaster victims who lost their lives.
1:30 - 2:30pm: Budo training: Shinjinkai Aikido students will train together.
Tea will be served afterward.

Even if you can't donate, please come participate to share your energy and good wishes. If you can't make it but would like to pitch in, feel free to drop off a contribution beforehand - or consider sending a donation to one of the reputable relief organizations which are easily found online, such as here.

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