May 4, 2011

Internal training workbook available

A limited number of copies of the Internal Training Reference and Study Workbook are available. This is the same workbook distributed to participants in the recent internal training seminar. Contents include:

- Preface (by Meido Roshi)
- A Brief Background of Internal Training
- Points to be Observed in Practice
- The Posture of Internal Training
- The Practices (with blank pages for student notes):Tanden Kokyu-ho, Naikan no Ho, Nanso no Ho, Do-in Ho (24 self-massage forms, 15 small forms and 15 primary forms), and Hara Tanren.

Please note that this is a workbook for students actually studying the internal training curriculum; it does not instruct the curriculum, but rather serves as a convenient notebook and reference during actual class sessions. In other words: you can not learn the curriculum from this book, but the book is important if you are learning the curriculum.

Copies are $15.00, made payable to the Korinji foundation. Please email to to inquire.

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