December 16, 2011

The Rinzai Zen Community

For some time now we've been using the name "Rinzai Zen Community" for the network of practice groups and practitioners anchored by Korinji and Daiyuzenji.  Now RZC has its own site:

While the Daiyuzenji and Korinji sites will remain focused on the events and doings of each temple, the RZC site is evolving to be the main resource for our sangha's members.  A password-protected page provides access to various practice aids- instructional videos, downloadable docs, a "Contact a Teacher" function, and so on - for our members only.  Our first batch of videos, including clips instructing basic zazen and breathing, will be posted shortly.

If you currently donate regularly to Daiyuzenji, Korinji or one of our practice groups, congratulations:  you're already an RZC member.  Go to the RZC site, click on "Become a Member", fill out the information and RZC will register you.

If you're not currently a member please take a look at the RZC site.  We're excited to see our community grow and hope that RZC will serve to open our practice to many, many others...distant as well as near.

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