December 13, 2011

Korinji stove, doors

Two shots from our last work weekend in November.  Greg Dekker, Jim Mills and myself were on site at Korinji to accomplish several things:  high on our list were a final battening down of the work site before winter and some cleanup following a violent windstorm which had dropped some trees across the property.  But more exciting:  our zendo wood burning stove and our Amish-built main doors were all ready to install.

The stove is rated to heat up to 2500 square feet...more than enough for this space.  The latest wood burners are small and extremely efficient.  It barely fills one corner of the main space but puts out a surprising amount of heat.  With insulation and ceiling fans we'll be in good shape.

Our doors are 8' red oak, crafted by Abe Bontrager from LaValle, WI.  Finished locally, they came out beautifully.  Here is a view of the mounted doors from the inside.  It was too dark by the time we were finished to get many good outside shots, but we'll remedy that soon.

We're in the midst of setting next year's work schedule at Korinji and will announce it shortly.

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