December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

Wishing all of you joy, health and peace in the coming year!

The days are now slowly lengthening.  At the beginning of the year, we summon up a dauntless spirit to dissolve obstacles and successfully execute the work of the coming months.  Rather than draw energy in, we now extend it outward seamlessly in all directions with determination.

To set the tone, an image of Marishiten.

Please see our schedule of 2013 events, including zazenkai and sesshin, here.  Coming up:  zazenkai in Chicago on Jan. 26-27, sesshin in Norway on Feb. 8-10, a Zen calligraphy seminar in Chicago on Feb. 10, and sesshin in Chicago on March 1-3.  We'll shortly also be adding a schedule of work dates at Korinji.

December 18, 2012

Zazen in Brooklyn

Meido Roshi just returned from a one-day zazenkai at Brooklyn Aikikai, a dojo led by Ryugan (Robert) Savoca where Zen, Aikido and Misogi training are offered.  We strongly recommend any of our members traveling to New York to take the time to visit Savoca Sensei's dojo.  A post and photo from the event may be found on Brooklyn Aikikai's blog here.

December 13, 2012

Snow at Korinji

Our supporters' donations at work:  a new forestry gate has been installed on our construction/emergency access drive.  Here's a view with the zendo in the background, as winter returns to our quiet valley.  Many thanks to our neighbor Dennis for this great shot.

The 2013 schedule of events will soon be updated with work weekends, and also some special happenings at Korinji TBA...

December 9, 2012

Korinji: End of the Year Thank You and Appeal

Dear Friends,

It's been another amazing year at Korinji. But the result is easy enough to see: our zendo, which graces a rocky Wisconsin hillside (and which can now be seen from satellite on Google Maps! Enter the coordinates 43.629692, -90.010752).

 I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the members and friends of the Rinzai Zen Community (and also Shinjinkai members who have done so much) for continuing to share this incredible journey with us. Every piece of lumber and stone at Korinji has been carried and placed by the hands of our volunteers. Our building, though silent, fairly rings with the vibrant energy of these amazing, selfless workers.

Where do we stand now? Our zendo exterior is complete with the addition last month of light fixtures. We've also finished the electrical work. All that remains now is insulation, drywall and other interior work...followed by our final cedar decking. And after that we won't rest, of course. We'll begin the main residence, which will sit in a nearby clearing on the hill.

We've got a long way to go...and funds are short. As always, we ask you to remember Korinji if you are among those fortunate enough to have the means to donate to charity as we near year-end. Please help us to keep the momentum moving forward, into the new year and for many years to come! Donations to Korinji go solely toward building and outfitting this new Zen monastery in North America's heartland.

Wishing all of you much health, joy and peace during the holidays and into the New Year.

Meido Moore
The Korinji Foundation

November 26, 2012

Norway Sesshin, Feb. 8-10

Registration information for the upcoming Feb. 8-10 sesshin in Hemsedal, Norway has been released by the host (Norsk, English).  All are welcome:  the event will include additional instruction introducing newcomers to the Rinzai way of practice.

November 18, 2012

Sesshin recap, and upcoming Zazenkai

We've recently completed our fall sesshin, Nov. 1-4 at Daiyuzenji in Chicago. 12 participants sat strongly from Thursday evening through Sunday morning. Tesshin Brand served ably as tenzo, Alex Shakar did double-duty as inji and shika, and several trainees took turns in the Jikijitsu seat including Matt Wever, Miller Roshi and Meido Roshi. The two roshi also both gave dharma talks which will shortly be added to the RZC site members's resources page (along with a few others...we're a bit backlogged with talks!). Finally, Miller Roshi spent a period of time on Friday giving instruction in the massage techniques which are handed down in our lineage. Used to release tension especially arising from long hours of Zen practice, this was a welcome relief for many!

Coming up, the next overnight mini-retreat or zazenkai will be held at Daiyuzenji in Chicago, December 1-2. Zazenkai is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice in good company. The training forms used during sesshin are emphasized as well, so zazenkai is a good way to build up to attending a future sesshin. RZC teachers will be present to offer dharma talks and dokusan (interview periods).

The schedule begins Saturday evening at 6:30pm and ends Sunday at 11:30am. Participants may stay overnight at Daiyuzenji (please bring a sleeping bag). A traditional training breakfast will be provided on Sunday morning.

RZC will shortly release the 2013 schedule of events, including Chicago-area zazenkai and sesshin, on its website.

November 7, 2012

Autumn progress at Korinji

Korinji's last official samu weekend of the year was held Oct. 27-28, and dramatic progress was made in this final push. Greg Dekker ran over 700 feet of electrical wire through the walls and ceiling of the zendo, cut, spliced and installed into 5 ceiling light fixtures, 8 exterior light fixtures, 12 outlets and 9 light switches. We are now able to walk into the building and illuminate both inside and out at the flick of a few switches.

We're well-positioned now to wrap up the zendo in the spring. Quotes for insulation and drywall are in the works, and ceiling lights and fans are on order for the main training space. We look forward also to a marathon painting session in our future.

The grounds at Korinji are now quieter as the weather turns cool, and the maples have all turned gold and then shed their leaves already. We'll be up there for one more weekend, the 17th and 18th of this month. Contact Korinji if you're interested in coming up for this unofficial and more casual samu weekend; work will focus on cleaning up the building and grounds and prepping for winter.

October 15, 2012

Korinji end-of-season work weekend/celebration

October 25th~28th is the Korinji Year-End Work Weekend and our traditional end to the season: a Halloween Party!

2012 has been a great year for Korinji and 2013 will prove to be very exciting as we anticipate the completion of our first building.

Our final official work weekend will start a little early in the week this year. So if you'd like to enjoy several days of being at Korinji, all are welcome anytime after 3PM on Thursday, October 25th, and may stay though Sunday the 28th.  As part of our celebration, we will end our work day early on Saturday and enjoy some of the family-friendly attractions of nearby Wisconsin Dells.  Friends, family and kids are invited for these festivities.

For details and to RSVP, please contact Korinji: 

October 13, 2012

Sesshin update: special instruction

It's been announced that a period of time during sesshin will be devoted to instructing the entire massage system that is handed down in our Zen line.  Using hands, elbows and feet to stimulate a partner's meridian system and loosen tension, this is a wonderful practice to help others during strenuous Zen practice. 

We don't often have events in which the entire system is instructed so we urge students to take advantage of the opportunity to receive this instruction...particularly in an ideal setting like sesshin.

September 12, 2012

Fall sesshin in Chicago: Nov. 1-4

Our fall sesshin will be held at Daiyuzenji in Chicago, Thursday Nov. 1 through Sunday Nov. 4.  We'll begin at 7:30pm on Thursday night, and finish up by 10am on Sunday.

Detailed information and online registration may be found on the Rinzai Zen Community site, here.

Zazenkai in Chicago, Sept. 29-30

Zazenkai is a mini-retreat, beginning Saturday evening at 6:30pm and ending Sunday at 11:30am. Focused primarily on meditation practice, it is also an ideal way to prepare for sesshin, our longer retreats. Participants may stay overnight at Daiyuzenji (please bring a sleeping bag). Donation: $20 Rinzai Zen Community Members, $25 all others.

September 1, 2012

2012 European sesshin recap

Our annual sesshin in Laufen, Germany - a charming Bavarian town on the Austrian border - wrapped up on August 26th.  20 participants from Germany, Switzerland and the USA sat together once again at the Kapuzinerhof, a restored 17th century Capuchin monastery right next to the medieval gate of Laufen's old town.

The sesshin is organized each year by Raymond Schroeder, Anselm Stahl and a cadre of other Zen students...many of whom are also practitioners of Zentherapy.  Zentherapy is a system of bodywork founded by the famous American bodyworker William "Dub" Leigh, a student of Ida Rolf and Moshe Feldenkrais.  He was also a student of Tenshin Tanouye Roshi, abbot of Chozen-ji...and it was this study which introduced him to the energetic dimensions of bodywork, leading to the founding of Zentheraphy.

One practical result of all this history is that most of the students at the European sesshin have already worked intensively with their bodies and breathing.  They know the important balance between pushing through hardship and releasing or relaxing, which is so crucial in Zen practice.  And having already worked to liberate natural body structures and pathways of energetic flow, they are well positioned to understand the embodiment which is the process Zen realization. 

This was our third annual sesshin and so a number of students are now butting their heads against the gate of koan practice.  The energy at sesshin was thus intense and lively.  Raymond anchored the tanto seat, while Anselm performed a combination of inji and shika duties.  Thomas Neumann served ably as the jikijitsu.  All the students pitched in with various other roles, serving tea, taking care of the zendo and so on.  Meido Roshi gave three teisho which are now posted on the RZC members page (with German translation).

Many thanks to our European members for working so hard to organize this event each year.  We look forward to possibly seeing some of them in Norway in February. 

August 29, 2012

Next Korinji work weekend: Sept. 15-16

The next get-together at Korinji monastery to work and develop our building and grounds is the weekend of Sept. 15-16. We'll meet at 10am on Saturday morning for zazen, followed by work and a group dinner or campfire in the evening. We generally finish by early afternoon on Sunday. Volunteers are invited and needed! For more information or to RSVP please email Korinji:

August 28, 2012

Zazen in Poland

A photo of the morning zazen at a recent Aikido training camp in Ilawa, Poland instructed by Meido Roshi and others: students from Poland, Sweden, USA, Croatia, Latvia, Russia and the Ukraine.

A report on the sesshin in Laufen, Germany which followed is coming shortly...

August 20, 2012

Omori Sogen Roshi on YouTube

Here is a 1977 BBC documentary featuring an interview with the late Omori Sogen Roshi, transmitter of our Zen lineage to the West.  It includes footage of him performing the Hojo kata:
Zen Buddhism - The Land of the Disappearing Buddha

August 4, 2012

Summer sesshin recap

Daiyuzenji and Korinji's summer sesshin concluded this past Sunday, turning out to be a wonderful training period.

Our usual summer sesshin is longer and takes place at a rented facility in Wisconsin. This time circumstances required us to make a last minute change, and so a shorter event at Daiyuzenji was conducted. Daiyuzenji really consists of only one large practice space, along with bathrooms and a small tatami-floored room for sanzen. And so all the activities of sesshin - zazen, dokusan, okyo, teisho, meals, samu, internal training and calligraphy practice, and even sleep at night - all essentially took place in the same room. This made for a very concentrated practice experience. It also meant that there was no "down-time": any temptations to relax for a few minutes or quietly chat someplace that might have arisen were impossible to indulge.

Though we've conducted sesshin at Daiyuzenji before, they'd been done less formally...really just long zazenkai. This was our first attempt to conduct a full sesshin in such a limited facility. It proved to be remarkably smooth. Even meal preparation worked very well: breakfast and teas were easily prepared on-site, while our tenzo cooked lunch and dinner at her nearby home and ferried it over when needed.

And finally, the shorter-than-usual schedule attracted a number of beginners to sesshin that might normally not have attended. New trainees, unfamiliar with the sesshin experience and forms, always help to keep the other trainees undistracted and on their toes.

The end result was a powerful and greatly concentrated few days of practice. Thank you to all who made it possible and to those who took up sesshin roles: our jikijitsu was Matt Wever; the role of shika was performed by Glenn Murray from Atlanta; Enmei Hunter served as inji for Miller Roshi and Moore Roshi, who both gave teisho; McCarthy Roshi was our tenzo.

July 31, 2012

Hojo seminar at Daiyuzenji: August 24-26

We are pleased to announce our 3rd Hojo Intensive Seminar with Gerald Yamamoto Sensei, at Daiyuzenji in Chicago. Online registration is now open here.

The Hojo Kata are four sword forms created in the middle of the Muromachi period (1333-1573) as part of the Jikishinkage school of Japanese swordmanship. However, these forms-named Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter-are not practiced by us as a martial art but rather as a core internal training method. Practiced slowly and with great intensity using the dynamic A-Un method of breathing, the Hojo forms are powerful tools for imparting principles of posture, center and energy.

As described within the Jikishinkage school, the deepest purpose of Hojo is to remove all bad habits and addictions acquired since birth and to restore the original pure and bright permanent body. A Buddhist way of saying this would be that Hojo practice cuts through a student's jikke ("habit energy"), or karmic obstructions.  It was Omori Sogen Roshi who gave us these forms and integrated them into our overall practice.

Gerald Yamamoto Sensei is one of very few students in the west who studied Hojo directly under Omori Roshi. His teaching style is truly informative and inspiring. We're very grateful to have him teach at Daiyuzenji and urge you to take advantage of the opportunity! Beginners are welcome to the Saturday and Sunday sessions.

Seminar Schedule:
- Friday, August 24th 6PM till 9PM, Advanced Hojo (invitation only)
- Saturday, August 25th 9AM till 5 PM, General instruction, all welcome
- Sunday, August 26th 9AM till Noon, General instruction, all welcome

Donation: $150 for RZC Members (if you have a financial concern, please contact us to discuss a different arrangement)

July 25, 2012

Falling for Korinji

Shinjinkai, the Japanese Martial Arts Society in Chicago, completed their annual fundraiser this past weekend benefiting Korinji:  the Fall-a-thon.  Similar to other "-thons", participants obtain pledges to perform a challenging feat.  In this case the participants are all students of the Japanese martial art Aikido...and their challenge is to be thrown with an Aikido technique as many times as they can in 15 minutes.  The end result is several hours of inspiring effort and graceful Aikido demonstration.

There are still a few "fallers" who could not be present on the official day and will thus shortly perform a make-up session.  So we don't have the final results yet.  But as of now, the 2012 Fall-a-thon has raised approximately $7,000 for Korinji!

Korinji's land and construction have been funded by many people and organizations: a  wonderful web of connections and intention that have brought our dream closer to fruition.  All told, however, the annual Fall-a-thons have raised about half of our funds to date.  Many of the participants are not Zen students, but as martial artists they understand what shugyo - intensive practice to forge oneself and gain insight into one's true self - truly means.  And their involvement in our project is fitting since one of our late teachers who envisioned Korinji's establishment, Toyoda Sensei, was not only a Zen master but also a master teacher (shihan) of Aikido. 

Thank you again to the organizers and participants of the 7th annual Fall-a-thon!

June 20, 2012

Summer sesshin registration open

Please note the revised dates and location! 

Online registration for the Rinzai Zen Community's Summer Sesshin, July 27 - 29 at Daiyuzenji in Chicago is now open here.

Please note that pre-registration is required so that we may make our food arrangements. Same-day registrations unfortunately can not be accepted.

We look forward to seeing many of you at sesshin!

June 19, 2012

Summer news

We're a bit behind reporting on RZC goings-on! It's been a busy summer so far, and looks to be more busy with each week. Here's a brief recap:

Korinji work continues, with our next work weekend scheduled for Sept. 15. That seems a long time away; the reason is that right now our work is in a holding pattern as we wait for funds from Shinjinkai's annual fundraiser, the Fall-a-thon (, to appear. Our next big step is insulation, at a cost of $15k...and so we hope to soon have this done in one fell swoop. In the meantime we've been at Korinji in smaller groups continuing with our grounds work, clearing our future house site, cutting new trails, beginning interior electrical layout and so on. This year, in short, is one of sudden and dramatic steps rather than gradual progress.

Another development: we're working on plans for a second small structure at Korinji, a combined wood shed and workshop/outdoor tool shed. It may manifest this year, if our plans and permits come together in time. Once done it will make the final build-out of our large structure that much easier since we'll be able to move things like lawnmowers and chain saws over to a more permanent home. Our wood-burning stove will also finally have a dependable, dry stock of wood.

Meanwhile, events and fundraising continue to take up much of our time. Meido Roshi has been traveling extensively - to New York, Kentucky, California and Croatia - to lead seminars and retreats. The RZC Summer Sesshin is set for the end of July in Wisconsin, and Zen instruction in Poland as well as our European sesshin in Germany are on for August. One exciting development: we're in the process of finalizing plans for a weekend Zen retreat in Norway to be conducted in February. Along with all of this, our usual schedule of practice at Daiyuzenji and the various RZC branches continues.

RZC members, several new resources have now been posted to the RZC site ( members page: new dharma talks as well as a short video clip demonstrating two methods of prostration practice used in RZC. Please take a look! A new resource will be finished this summer as well: a 25 page instructional manual teaching not only basic zazen, but protocol for setting up a simple zendo and conducting sitting with a group. Of course if you are not yet an RZC member the website will also tell you how to register and gain access to the resources on our members page.

More news soon! We invite you as always to join our mailing list if you have not, so that you'll receive our monthly email newsletter and event announcements: go to to do so.

May 22, 2012

Volunteer at Korinji: May 26-27

This coming weekend we'll again gather at Korinji for meditation and work. Please RSVP to if you'd like to come up!
We have many new photos taken this spring which we'll shortly be posting on the Korinji site...

April 18, 2012

Volunteer at Korinji: April 28-29

The next work weekend at Korinji will be April 28-29.  We plan to start at 10am on Saturday (with zazen as always), followed by an early lunch and then a full afternoon of grounds work.  Saturday evening generally sees us gathering around a grill or campfire, or in town, for a group dinner.  Sunday work generally ends in the early afternoon.

For more information or to volunteer, please email Korinji:

In memoriam: John Wallace

[Submitted by Meido]

Chicago-area members of our community were saddened this past week to learn of the death of John Wallace, 72.  John had been practicing Zen with us for several months.  A long time Karate practitioner, he navigated the usual challenges experienced by beginning students with a solid, stoic quality that revealed his training and strength of character.  Only a few days before his death, John was able to join us at Korinji where he participated in the work being done there. 

Though not with us for long, John had spoken to his family of the deep meaning that Zen practice held for him.  Due to this, perhaps, I was asked to jointly officiate at his funeral this past Monday.  After a ceremony that celebrated what was obviously a life that had deeply touched those around him, we traveled to the cemetery for a brief burial service.  By chance, John's ashes are buried not more than fifty yards from the grave of our late teacher, Toyoda Sensei. 

Please remember John in your chanting and dedication of merit.  His obituary, including information on sending memorial donations to charities he supported, may be found here.

April 6, 2012

March 24 zazenkai report

[Submitted by Chris Wagner, Chicago]

On Saturday, March 24 at Daiyuzenji members of our Zen community came together for zazenkai, the quarterly overnight retreat dedicated to the practice of zazen.  These retreats are an ideal time for practitioners to set aside all other concerns and commit themselves to a sustained period of sitting meditation.  Along with zazen, participants were also able to practice (and in some cases learn) the traditional tea ceremony and mealtime forms, practices which not only remind us how to serve and be of service to others but also prepare us for sesshin, the longer intensive retreats.

Zazenkai commenced with the resonant echo of the han being struck, signaling both our coming together for practice and the approaching nightfall.  After opening with a brief tea, zazen was begun in earnest.  Following many periods of sitting we chanted okyo including energetic repetitions of Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo, lifting our spirits and giving us the energy for continued practice.  The night concluded with a brief talk by Meido Roshi, who exhorted all present to delve deeper into their practice through sustained and continuous effort.  Training continued early the next morning, and after taking breakfast together silently we all shared the task of samu, or mindful cleaning.  After more periods of meditation we completed our time together with morning okyo and a final tea.

As we finished the formal schedule, I was taken aback at the effort we all expended in order to make this short retreat possible.  This style of training can only be achieved when many of us come to the same physical space and dedicate ourselves to practicing together.  The support and encouragement of others is what allows us to break through to new levels of practice, and in this regard I found much by which to be inspired.  These opportunities are quite rare, so it is with deep gratitude that I thank everyone involved who made it possible for this practice to occur.

March 15, 2012

Zen in Brooklyn

[Submitted by Enmei Hunter, Chicago]

The weekend of March 9th and 10th I traveled with Moore Roshi to Brooklyn Aikikai, a non-profit center where Zen, Misogi, Aikido and Iaido are taught, for an Introduction to Zen seminar.  I have developed several friendships with Brooklyn Aikikai's members due to my practice of Aikido and have always been impressed by their dedication and commitment, led by their chief instructor Robert (Ryugan) Savoca Sensei.  In many ways, Savoca Sensei and Moore Roshi remind me of one another with their focus on intense training and development.  Visiting Brooklyn Aikikai always leaves me with a lesson on how I want to practice and live my life.

The seminar began with a traditional lunch of miso soup and rice, eaten in silence with full attention being given to the activity at hand.  Afterwards, Moore Roshi provided the 25 participants basic instruction in zazen with an emphasis on posture, breathing and method.  After the first period of zazen, he provided more in-depth instruction on tanden kokyuho, the hara-centered breathing which is the foundation of our practice.  Participants learned a practical, 5-step method for developing and refining this way of breathing.  Roshi also provided instruction on how to receive the keisaku and for reinvigorating one's meditation.  More zazen practice then allowed the participants to put all these things into practice.  The seminar ended with okyo (chanting) and the spirit of the group came through very clearly in the tone and energy during the chants.

The evening closed with a potluck that gave everyone a chance to meet and develop new friendships.  After this, participants showed that training never stops as they pitched in to clean and return the dojo to its proper form.

I am grateful for every opportunity I have to train with others interested in Zen and thank everyone at Brooklyn Aikikai for hosting this event.  If you are interested in Zen practice or other traditional ways of mind-body development in the Brooklyn, NY area, please see Brooklyn Aikikai's site here.

March 8, 2012

Book group on Sundays at Daiyuzenji

The book group meeting at Daiyuzenji in Chicago after Sunday morning sitting is now in full swing, with a read-through and discussion of Paul William's "Buddhist Thought: A Complete Introduction to the Indian Tradition" (available on Amazon). From Miller Roshi: "We are currently undertaking a systematic survey of Buddhist thought as it developed in India. We're just starting a study of Mahayana writings, those elements that form the conceptual basis for much of Zen practice."

Participants are welcome to join the group at any point. For the Daiyuzenji Sunday schedule, take a look here.

March 7, 2012

Recent interfaith dialogue and internal training seminar

[Submitted by Kristen Radtke, Chicago]

On Thursday, Feb. 16 Moore Roshi participated in an interfaith discussion at Sheil Catholic Center in Evanston, IL.  The event began with a brief presentation given from the Catholic perspective on the common ground between Christianity and Buddhism, emphasizing the work of Thomas Merton and the Catholic Church's position on the worth of other religious traditions expressed during the Second Vatican Council.  Moore Roshi then spoke about Zen from a practitioner's perspective, sharing his story of being drawn to religion at an early age, eventually landing within Zen as a tradition rich in methods of facing the fundamental human existential questions.  After some 30 minutes of dialogue, he made the final statement, "To me, it is perhaps not so important what religion you follow, but what sort of person you become through it.  If you have some insight, experience or belief but fail to integrate it into your being, into your interactions with other people, what good is it?"  Heads bobbed in agreement around the room, and participants affirmed that the goals of their different traditions were not different in terms of how they call us to become and act within the world, rather than to simply follow or believe.  The evening concluded with basic instruction in zazen and a brief period of group practice.

This past Sunday, March 4, Daiyuzenji in Chicago hosted an Internal Training seminar also led by Moore Roshi.  He began by lecturing on the intent and contents of the internal training curriculum, and then gave several hours of detailed instruction on tanden kokyuho, the hara-centered breathing and energetic cultivation method which is fundamental to our practice of meditation.  Hakuin's naikan no ho and nanso ho ho methods were then taught, followed by self- massage and the 16 primary breathing forms from the Do-in Ho section of the curriculum.  Donations from this event benefited the Korinji monastery building fund, and nearly $900 was raised:  thank you to the participants from Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan who came!

March 1, 2012

First 2012 Korinji work weekend: 3/31-4/1

The first work weekend at Korinji is set for the weekend of March 31-April 1.  Our plans this year are to complete the zendo interior, beginning with electrical and insulation.  We'll also continue to develop the Korinji grounds, and of course there is always a great deal of clean-up and trail repair after a long winter.  Volunteers are welcome!

To see some images from the end of last year's work season, go here.  To volunteer or sign up on Korinji's email list and receive future work weekend and event announcements, please go here.

February 20, 2012

Internal Training seminar March 4th in Chicago

A one-day seminar instructing the Internal Training curriculum practiced at Daiyuzenji, Korinji and the practice groups of the Rinzai Zen Community will be held at Daiyuzenji in Chicago on March 4th, 12-5pm.  Methods of cultivating and circulating energy, massage for clearing energetic and physical obstructions, movement/breathing exercises, and methods of "forging" the center will be taught.  The Naikan no Ho and Nanso no Ho methods of Hakuin will be instructed in detail.

Proceeds benefit the Korinji monastery building fund: $65.00 for Rinzai Zen Community members, $75.00 for others.  Please RSVP to

For more information on our Internal Training curriculum, please see this page on the RZC site.

January 18, 2012

2012 events (including sesshin)

Most of the 2012 schedule of Rinzai Zen Community events, including sesshin sponsored by Daiyuzenji and Korinji, has been posted on the RZC site here.  Registration for the April 12-15 sesshin is also now open, and can be found here.

A number of important upcoming events are shown on the calendar.  Instructional seminars in Chicago dealing with our Internal Training curriculum, and specifically with Hojo, have been scheduled.  You'll also find meeting dates for the Chicago-area practice groups.  Please take a look, and we hope to see our distant members at a sesshin or other event very soon!