February 20, 2012

Internal Training seminar March 4th in Chicago

A one-day seminar instructing the Internal Training curriculum practiced at Daiyuzenji, Korinji and the practice groups of the Rinzai Zen Community will be held at Daiyuzenji in Chicago on March 4th, 12-5pm.  Methods of cultivating and circulating energy, massage for clearing energetic and physical obstructions, movement/breathing exercises, and methods of "forging" the center will be taught.  The Naikan no Ho and Nanso no Ho methods of Hakuin will be instructed in detail.

Proceeds benefit the Korinji monastery building fund: $65.00 for Rinzai Zen Community members, $75.00 for others.  Please RSVP to info@daiyuzenji.org.

For more information on our Internal Training curriculum, please see this page on the RZC site.

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