April 18, 2012

In memoriam: John Wallace

[Submitted by Meido]

Chicago-area members of our community were saddened this past week to learn of the death of John Wallace, 72.  John had been practicing Zen with us for several months.  A long time Karate practitioner, he navigated the usual challenges experienced by beginning students with a solid, stoic quality that revealed his training and strength of character.  Only a few days before his death, John was able to join us at Korinji where he participated in the work being done there. 

Though not with us for long, John had spoken to his family of the deep meaning that Zen practice held for him.  Due to this, perhaps, I was asked to jointly officiate at his funeral this past Monday.  After a ceremony that celebrated what was obviously a life that had deeply touched those around him, we traveled to the cemetery for a brief burial service.  By chance, John's ashes are buried not more than fifty yards from the grave of our late teacher, Toyoda Sensei. 

Please remember John in your chanting and dedication of merit.  His obituary, including information on sending memorial donations to charities he supported, may be found here.

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