June 20, 2012

Summer sesshin registration open

Please note the revised dates and location! 

Online registration for the Rinzai Zen Community's Summer Sesshin, July 27 - 29 at Daiyuzenji in Chicago is now open here.

Please note that pre-registration is required so that we may make our food arrangements. Same-day registrations unfortunately can not be accepted.

We look forward to seeing many of you at sesshin!

June 19, 2012

Summer news

We're a bit behind reporting on RZC goings-on! It's been a busy summer so far, and looks to be more busy with each week. Here's a brief recap:

Korinji work continues, with our next work weekend scheduled for Sept. 15. That seems a long time away; the reason is that right now our work is in a holding pattern as we wait for funds from Shinjinkai's annual fundraiser, the Fall-a-thon (www.fall-a-thon.com), to appear. Our next big step is insulation, at a cost of $15k...and so we hope to soon have this done in one fell swoop. In the meantime we've been at Korinji in smaller groups continuing with our grounds work, clearing our future house site, cutting new trails, beginning interior electrical layout and so on. This year, in short, is one of sudden and dramatic steps rather than gradual progress.

Another development: we're working on plans for a second small structure at Korinji, a combined wood shed and workshop/outdoor tool shed. It may manifest this year, if our plans and permits come together in time. Once done it will make the final build-out of our large structure that much easier since we'll be able to move things like lawnmowers and chain saws over to a more permanent home. Our wood-burning stove will also finally have a dependable, dry stock of wood.

Meanwhile, events and fundraising continue to take up much of our time. Meido Roshi has been traveling extensively - to New York, Kentucky, California and Croatia - to lead seminars and retreats. The RZC Summer Sesshin is set for the end of July in Wisconsin, and Zen instruction in Poland as well as our European sesshin in Germany are on for August. One exciting development: we're in the process of finalizing plans for a weekend Zen retreat in Norway to be conducted in February. Along with all of this, our usual schedule of practice at Daiyuzenji and the various RZC branches continues.

RZC members, several new resources have now been posted to the RZC site (www.rinzaizen.org) members page: new dharma talks as well as a short video clip demonstrating two methods of prostration practice used in RZC. Please take a look! A new resource will be finished this summer as well: a 25 page instructional manual teaching not only basic zazen, but protocol for setting up a simple zendo and conducting sitting with a group. Of course if you are not yet an RZC member the website will also tell you how to register and gain access to the resources on our members page.

More news soon! We invite you as always to join our mailing list if you have not, so that you'll receive our monthly email newsletter and event announcements: go to www.rinzaizen.org to do so.