July 31, 2012

Hojo seminar at Daiyuzenji: August 24-26

We are pleased to announce our 3rd Hojo Intensive Seminar with Gerald Yamamoto Sensei, at Daiyuzenji in Chicago. Online registration is now open here.

The Hojo Kata are four sword forms created in the middle of the Muromachi period (1333-1573) as part of the Jikishinkage school of Japanese swordmanship. However, these forms-named Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter-are not practiced by us as a martial art but rather as a core internal training method. Practiced slowly and with great intensity using the dynamic A-Un method of breathing, the Hojo forms are powerful tools for imparting principles of posture, center and energy.

As described within the Jikishinkage school, the deepest purpose of Hojo is to remove all bad habits and addictions acquired since birth and to restore the original pure and bright permanent body. A Buddhist way of saying this would be that Hojo practice cuts through a student's jikke ("habit energy"), or karmic obstructions.  It was Omori Sogen Roshi who gave us these forms and integrated them into our overall practice.

Gerald Yamamoto Sensei is one of very few students in the west who studied Hojo directly under Omori Roshi. His teaching style is truly informative and inspiring. We're very grateful to have him teach at Daiyuzenji and urge you to take advantage of the opportunity! Beginners are welcome to the Saturday and Sunday sessions.

Seminar Schedule:
- Friday, August 24th 6PM till 9PM, Advanced Hojo (invitation only)
- Saturday, August 25th 9AM till 5 PM, General instruction, all welcome
- Sunday, August 26th 9AM till Noon, General instruction, all welcome

Donation: $150 for RZC Members (if you have a financial concern, please contact us to discuss a different arrangement)

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