November 7, 2012

Autumn progress at Korinji

Korinji's last official samu weekend of the year was held Oct. 27-28, and dramatic progress was made in this final push. Greg Dekker ran over 700 feet of electrical wire through the walls and ceiling of the zendo, cut, spliced and installed into 5 ceiling light fixtures, 8 exterior light fixtures, 12 outlets and 9 light switches. We are now able to walk into the building and illuminate both inside and out at the flick of a few switches.

We're well-positioned now to wrap up the zendo in the spring. Quotes for insulation and drywall are in the works, and ceiling lights and fans are on order for the main training space. We look forward also to a marathon painting session in our future.

The grounds at Korinji are now quieter as the weather turns cool, and the maples have all turned gold and then shed their leaves already. We'll be up there for one more weekend, the 17th and 18th of this month. Contact Korinji if you're interested in coming up for this unofficial and more casual samu weekend; work will focus on cleaning up the building and grounds and prepping for winter.

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Anonymous said...

It was also a great weekend to watch Sensei show his former life as a cliffhanger installing the exterior light fixtures on the high side of the Zendo...