November 18, 2012

Sesshin recap, and upcoming Zazenkai

We've recently completed our fall sesshin, Nov. 1-4 at Daiyuzenji in Chicago. 12 participants sat strongly from Thursday evening through Sunday morning. Tesshin Brand served ably as tenzo, Alex Shakar did double-duty as inji and shika, and several trainees took turns in the Jikijitsu seat including Matt Wever, Miller Roshi and Meido Roshi. The two roshi also both gave dharma talks which will shortly be added to the RZC site members's resources page (along with a few others...we're a bit backlogged with talks!). Finally, Miller Roshi spent a period of time on Friday giving instruction in the massage techniques which are handed down in our lineage. Used to release tension especially arising from long hours of Zen practice, this was a welcome relief for many!

Coming up, the next overnight mini-retreat or zazenkai will be held at Daiyuzenji in Chicago, December 1-2. Zazenkai is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice in good company. The training forms used during sesshin are emphasized as well, so zazenkai is a good way to build up to attending a future sesshin. RZC teachers will be present to offer dharma talks and dokusan (interview periods).

The schedule begins Saturday evening at 6:30pm and ends Sunday at 11:30am. Participants may stay overnight at Daiyuzenji (please bring a sleeping bag). A traditional training breakfast will be provided on Sunday morning.

RZC will shortly release the 2013 schedule of events, including Chicago-area zazenkai and sesshin, on its website.

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