December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

Wishing all of you joy, health and peace in the coming year!

The days are now slowly lengthening.  At the beginning of the year, we summon up a dauntless spirit to dissolve obstacles and successfully execute the work of the coming months.  Rather than draw energy in, we now extend it outward seamlessly in all directions with determination.

To set the tone, an image of Marishiten.

Please see our schedule of 2013 events, including zazenkai and sesshin, here.  Coming up:  zazenkai in Chicago on Jan. 26-27, sesshin in Norway on Feb. 8-10, a Zen calligraphy seminar in Chicago on Feb. 10, and sesshin in Chicago on March 1-3.  We'll shortly also be adding a schedule of work dates at Korinji.

December 18, 2012

Zazen in Brooklyn

Meido Roshi just returned from a one-day zazenkai at Brooklyn Aikikai, a dojo led by Ryugan (Robert) Savoca where Zen, Aikido and Misogi training are offered.  We strongly recommend any of our members traveling to New York to take the time to visit Savoca Sensei's dojo.  A post and photo from the event may be found on Brooklyn Aikikai's blog here.

December 13, 2012

Snow at Korinji

Our supporters' donations at work:  a new forestry gate has been installed on our construction/emergency access drive.  Here's a view with the zendo in the background, as winter returns to our quiet valley.  Many thanks to our neighbor Dennis for this great shot.

The 2013 schedule of events will soon be updated with work weekends, and also some special happenings at Korinji TBA...

December 9, 2012

Korinji: End of the Year Thank You and Appeal

Dear Friends,

It's been another amazing year at Korinji. But the result is easy enough to see: our zendo, which graces a rocky Wisconsin hillside (and which can now be seen from satellite on Google Maps! Enter the coordinates 43.629692, -90.010752).

 I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the members and friends of the Rinzai Zen Community (and also Shinjinkai members who have done so much) for continuing to share this incredible journey with us. Every piece of lumber and stone at Korinji has been carried and placed by the hands of our volunteers. Our building, though silent, fairly rings with the vibrant energy of these amazing, selfless workers.

Where do we stand now? Our zendo exterior is complete with the addition last month of light fixtures. We've also finished the electrical work. All that remains now is insulation, drywall and other interior work...followed by our final cedar decking. And after that we won't rest, of course. We'll begin the main residence, which will sit in a nearby clearing on the hill.

We've got a long way to go...and funds are short. As always, we ask you to remember Korinji if you are among those fortunate enough to have the means to donate to charity as we near year-end. Please help us to keep the momentum moving forward, into the new year and for many years to come! Donations to Korinji go solely toward building and outfitting this new Zen monastery in North America's heartland.

Wishing all of you much health, joy and peace during the holidays and into the New Year.

Meido Moore
The Korinji Foundation