February 6, 2013

Calligraphy seminar in Chicago

Feb. 10:  A seminar instructing the etiquette and forms of calligraphy with brush and ink as it is practiced within our Zen lineage.

This Seminar will be held at Daiyuzenji in Chicago (www.daiyuzenji.org).  10am - 1pm. Donation $25 for RZC members, $30 for others.

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Scott Moore said...

I really enjoyed this seminar. It provided an excellent opportunity to learn and practice some of the technical elements of this kind of training in an informal setting. Many thanks to Miller Roshi for a lively and informative presentation. Of course, we neophytes can't do much more than put a toe in the water of this fascinating and deep art in the space of a few hours, but at least now I feel ready to start learning to swim. I made some audio notes on the elements that I remembered on my way home to the 'burbs, and I'm working on transcribing them into my training journal for future reference. Looking forward to the next opportunity to get inky!