March 8, 2013

Hosokawa Roshi in Chicago: June 27-30

Save the dates: our teacher Kizan Dogen (Hosokawa) Roshi, a dharma heir of Omori Sogen Roshi and the former shike and kancho of Daihonzan Chozen-ji in Hawaii, will visit Daiyuzenji in Chicago June 27th through 30th.

 Several events will be planned to give students the opportunity to practice with him. Details to be announced!

March 7, 2013

Chicago sesshin recap

[Submitted by Enmei Hunter, Daiyuzenji]

On March 1-3 we held our Spring Sesshin at Daiyuzenji with 17 participants, including several first-time sesshin attendees. The shortened length of this retreat made for a very concentrated effort from the group overall.

Chris Wagner was jiki and kept the group together throughout the weekend. Tesshin Brand brought his usual talent to the tenzo role, providing meals that were delicious and kept our energy up throughout. Via Catinalla acted as Handaikan for the first time and I assisted her in this role. In addition, I acted as inji for So'zan Roshi and Meido Roshi while Alex Shakar as shika made sure the group had what they needed throughout the weekend.  So'zan Roshi provided instruction in calligraphy to show how the breath, the body and the mind must all come together in this practice as well.

Sesshin is a great opportunity for concentrated practice, to re-commit to training and to unify the mind and body. The group put forth great effort.  I'm always humbled by the opportunity to train with others, to continue my practice and to be a part of our community.