April 16, 2013

Spring mud and snow

The 2013 construction year at Korinji kicked off this past weekend.  Winter has been slow to depart the land there; snow, hail and sleet accompanied our work of opening up the site for the year and laying the foundations of a new tool shed.

A small, hardy crew braved the cold and wet:  Greg Dekker, Ian Poulos, Miguel Muzzio and Meido Roshi.  After zazen on Saturday morning around the wood stove, the shed site was chosen, laid out and cleared.  Railroad ties set into the earth will form the base.

Also accomplished this weekend:  on-site meetings with our electrical, insulation and drywall contractors, and with the local firm that provided the crushed stone for our drives.  We'll shortly be ready to move forward with interior build out as well as a final layer of finish gravel on our access drives and parking areas.

All of that and much more to do this year.  To volunteer, please take a look at the scheduled work weekends on Korinji's calendar, here.  Then just email Korinji through the website.  You're very welcome to pitch in and become one of Korinji's founders. 

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