May 28, 2013

August sesshin registration: open

Information and online registration for our August 1-4 sesshin in Chicago has been published here.

We hope to see you!

May 15, 2013

Upcoming retreats, seminars and Jukai info

Our next overnight mini-retreat, or Zazenkai, at Daiyuzenji will be June 1-2, 6:30pm - 7:30am. Focused primarily on meditation practice, Zazenkai is also an ideal way to prepare for sesshin, our longer retreats. Participants may stay overnight at Daiyuzenji (please bring a sleeping bag). As usual breakfast will be served Sunday morning, and participants may stay for the usual Sunday morning practice afterwards if they like, 8-11am. Donation: $20 Rinzai Zen Community Members, $25 all others.

JUKAI NOTE: the first lecture for zaike tokudo (jukai) candidates will also be given on Saturday evening during this retreat. Subject: the Three Refuges.

Hojo Seminar: A seminar instructing Hojo Kata, a series of sword forms used in our Zen lineage to impart the fundamentals of posture, breathing and kiai (energy), will be offered on Sunday, June 9th. Beginners and experienced students are welcome. 10am - 1pm. $25 RZC members, $30 others.

Summer Sesshin in USA and Europe: don't forget to mark your calendar with the dates of our next sesshin in Chicago, August 1-4. More information soon! We are also finalizing travel plans for our annual summer sesshin in Laufen, Germany, August 29 through Sept. 1. For more information on this event please contact Meido Roshi by email,

Internal Training: The previously scheduled Internal Training seminar had been rescheduled due to the Zentherapy training which was held this month. We will instead offer this training December 7-8 at Daiyuzenji. Also, it will now be offered in an overnight retreat format rather than as a seminar, allowing for much longer and more extensive practice of things like Tanden Kokyuho and Hakuin's Nanso no ho. More information will be released as we get closer to December.

Successful Zentherapy intro

Nine trainees, led by Kogen Nagel and Jim Mills, completed the introductory level course "A Zen Approach to Bodytherapy" on May 4-5th.  This was the first training in a series imparting the powerful Zentherapy methods developed by William "Dub" Leigh which have a connection with our Zen line.

We hope shortly to announce the next in this series of trainings, and possibly a repeat of the introduction course for those who missed the first one. 

May 9, 2013

Hosokawa Roshi in Chicago, and other events...

We've confirmed a number of upcoming events at Daiyuzenji in Chicago, including our next zazenkai (June 1-2) and the events during Hosokawa Roshi's visit June 27th through 30th. Please take a look at the RZC calendar for details.

Korinji this weekend

Our next samu (work) weekend at Korinji is this coming weekend!  Please RSVP through the Korinji site if you'd like to come up to sit, work and enjoy good company...