June 18, 2013

Jukai lecture dates

Attention Jukai candidates:  the first required lecture, given at our recent zazenkai in Chicago, is now posted on the RZC site member resources page.  Please access it with your member password.

The next lecture will be held Tuesday, July 2nd at Daiyuzenji following our regular zazen which begins at 7pm:  the subject is the Five Lay Precepts.  The third lecture, on the Four Great Vows, will be given during our August sesshin.  All of this will also be posted for those unable to attend lecture days.

The actual ceremonies will be held at times confirmed between each candidate and his/her direct teacher.  Please speak to your teacher about this.  One of the times we are planning to use for this purpose is the dedication ceremony at Korinji this fall, TBA.

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