August 21, 2013

Falling for Korinji in 2013

The annual fundraiser organized by Shinjinkai (the Japanese Martial Arts Society) to benefit Korinji is underway and culminates on Sept. 29th...but this year with some twists!

In past years, martial art students from Shinjinkai have used their skills in Aikido and other disciplines to raise funds through a process similar to a walk-a-thon.  These "fall-a-thons" involved Aikidoists taking as many falls as they can in 15 minutes, and receiving donations from sponsors of their effort.

This year we'll again see the wonderful display of skill from our Aikido friends.  But Zen students are now invited on board as well!  On Sept. 29th they'll join in the effort by undertaking a practice of chanting the Heart Sutra 108 times, with prostrations.  In this way, we'll all join our energy together to push Korinji forward.

Because of this new format, you can participate in one of several ways no matter where you are by going to this page, on which...

1. can donate any time to the cause!
2. can sign up as an actual fundraiser, request donations from your contacts via email and Facebook, and on Sept. 29th join our practice - in Chicago or from a distance!
3. can be a supporter by spreading the word online about our campaign.

Again, please go here to join the campaign!