September 23, 2013

Samu and Dedication Ceremony at Korinji

Wrapping up this season's work at Korinji we have two upcoming events:

1.  October 8-13 Meido Roshi and Greg Dekker will be at Korinji for a final extended work period.  During that week they'll be working on the gate which will stand near the stone steps, at the bottom of the hill below Korinji.  Timbers for this purpose had been cut last year and kept in storage; they're now weather-treated and ready to be erected.

Volunteers are needed and welcome at any time during this Tuesday-through-Sunday stretch.  RSVP by email to 

2.  November 2-3 will be our final samu weekend of the year.  At 2pm on that Sunday the 3rd, there will be a short dedication ceremony for our (nearly) completed first building.  Though we have a long way to go at Korinji before residential practice is possible there, this ceremony actually marks the official "birth" of Korinji as a monastery.

Following the ceremony, several members of our community will also undertake zaike tokudo (jukai) on that auspicious occasion. 

All who have donated to, or volunteered at, Korinji are invited to this event.  Because space (and parking) are limited, RZC will shortly be sending out an email with more information and a link to RSVP. 

Thanks to Mike Prindle for the photo.  Mike has been taking a great deal of photos and video for us, and we hope also to soon release professional re-shoots by him of the videos on our website's member resources page. 

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