October 7, 2013

Fall-a-thon fundraiser results...Thank you!

The results of the 2013 Fall-a-thon - an annual fundraiser sponsored by Shinjinkai, the Japanese Martial Arts Society - are in!

It's with tremendous gratitude that we acknowledge our donors and everyone who came together on the day of the Fall-a-thon last week.  This year, Aikido students threw and Iaijutsu students performed kata.  Zen students supported the effort also by undertaking a practice of chanting and prostrations for an hour and a half.

Donations are still arriving and being tallied, but so far nearly $10,000.00 has been raised during the Fall-a-thon period.

These donations make possible the current work at Korinji. As of today the interior walls are being completed and prepped for painting (photos soon).

Thank you again to everyone for your kind support, and especially to the Fall-a-thon participants whose effort has been so crucial!

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