March 20, 2014

On hold...for a little while

Well, the time has come! Rinzai Heartland is shifting into mothballs for a bit.

This blog (more of an online newsletter, really) was started way back in 2007. At that time we'd begun fundraising for the dream that would be Korinji. Reading those early posts, I'm surprised to see that we'd already started using the name "Korinji" then, even before we'd found and purchased our property.

But then, that's been our method all along: envision, believe and give life to our dream through words...and then trust that somehow it would actually manifest. And so it has, thanks to all of you who've shared that dream.

Now in 2014, a completed zendo perches above the forested ravine which cuts down through the center of our 17 acres. Our community continues to grow, with active practice groups in several states and in Europe. We continue to envision and dream, preparing for the next phase of Korinji's development.

As we've grown it seems we've moved away from using this blog, in favor of communicating more directly with our members and friends via a monthly email newsletter. We think it's more effective. None of us are true bloggers anyway, so the newsletter format fits better right now.

Maybe that will change. I think when I've entered into full-time residence at Korinji, you may see Rinzai Heartland return. It may then serve as a true blog, or at least a repository for random thoughts and images reflecting our practice and the change of seasons in our beautiful forest.

So farewell for now. If you aren't on the Rinzai Zen Community mailing list, please join here. You'll receive our newsletter, event announcements and all the rest.

And we'll see you at Korinji.

~ Meido