January 31, 2017

Madison zazenkai report

Our half-day zazenkai (mini Zen retreat) in Madison concluded this past Sunday afternoon with eleven participants. After the opening tea ceremony at 8am, our practice schedule included zazen, dokusan, breath/internal energy cultivation exercises, and chanting. I gave instruction regarding how to use body and breath when chanting to activate the function of okyo, dharani and mantra. We finished with more zazen and a final tea at 1pm, after which we had a wonderful brunch nearby. The ordained folks reconvened for a few hours after that, to review aspects of kuyo (ceremony).

Many thanks to all who joined together to support one another in practice! The next zazenkai in Madison is in March, and we'll have an overnight zazenkai at Korinji in May, followed by our long sesshin in June. Our full event schedule may always be seen at www.korinji.org.

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