February 22, 2017

Publication updates

A few Korinji publication updates (or, what I am spending my time doing these days):

The introductory Rinzai practice text I completed last year is in Shambhala's hands with an anticipated publication date of early 2018. It looks like that may be right around the same time we hope to open Korinji for residential practice (more news on that soon). If the timing ends up such that both projects are completed close to simultaneously, it will indeed be fortuitous.

There are two more books I hope to complete shortly: one is on the subject of "direct pointing," i.e. Rinzai practice methods for the purpose of causing the student to have the recognition we call kensho, or to return to/remember that recognition along the path of post-kensho practice. For someone who has not entered the gate of kensho (or has doubts regarding their recognition) such methods can at least allow them to return to an essential clarity, and provide the basis for the deepening of samadhi (meditative absorption). Some of these practices are connected to teaching activity, but many others are self-pointing practices using one's own body, voice/sound, and mind.

The second text i hope to finish is on the subject of internal cultivation: the energetic and healing practices transmitted in Rinzai Zen.

All of these things are related, of course, and splitting them up into two works is purely for convenience. Regarding them, there are a number of points not always taught or discussed openly...not because they are particularly secret, but rather because they are customarily taught face to face rather than through texts. For a number of reasons, however, I think limiting them in this way is no longer useful.

If I can finish these three works then there will at least be clear, supplemental texts for future use in our Korinji community, containing practice details that are hard to reconstruct if their oral transmission is lost. Zen is not dependent on such texts, as we know...but they sure can help.

I appreciate all the support which so many of you continue to give to Korinji. It is what allows us to continue building our monastery, to practice together, and to work on completing projects like these.

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